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Operating Staff Services

Human Resource Services

Operating Staff Services (OSS) is primarily responsible for the administration of policies and procedures associated with civil service employment opportunities at Northern Illinois University. In accordance with the statute and rules of the State Universities Civil Service System, OSS is also responsible for the following functions.

Functions of the office include:

  • Recruitment of Applicants for Civil Service Employment Opportunities
  • Coordination of Civil Service Employment Processes
  • Administration of Civil Service Examinations
  • Referral of Candidates for Civil Service Vacancies
  • Classification of Civil Service Positions
  • Counseling for Promotional Opportunities and Career Advancement for Civil Service Employees

HR Coordinator Structure
As part of the continuing focus to provide excellence in customer service, Operating Staff Services (OSS) staff can provide comprehensive employment, testing, and classification information for civil service positions.  An HR Coordinator is assigned to each university division. Customers have one point of contact for all civil service employment needs.  Each Coordinator can provide information to the areas they serve. They can also offer assistance to management and employees with respect to employment, testing, register referral, and position classifications.

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