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Tuesday, 10/16/2012

State Officials and Employees Ethics Act (SOEEA) – 2012 Mandatory Ethics Training Notification (October 16 through November 14, 2012)

Pursuant to the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act (PA 93-0617), the State of Illinois mandates that all employees on the payroll of State agencies and universities must complete an annual mandatory Internet-based ethics training program. All regular and temporary, part-time and full-time faculty, administrative/supportive professional staff, operating staff/civil service employees, graduate assistants, student employees, affiliates, and extra help employees working at Northern Illinois University are required by the State to take the on-line training.

Training Format

Ethics training is an interactive, self-administered, training module accessible through any computer connected to the Internet. This training method is required by the State of Illinois. Employees should be aware that the State may be monitoring the time employees spend on the training. Employees are urged to spend an adequate amount of time in reading the training materials.

Ehics Training Participants

All employees listed above must complete the training. Additionally, according to the Office of the Executive Inspector General, employees on leaves of absence including sabbaticals, educational, and unpaid leaves are required to participate in the on-line training process. Exceptions are made for employees on approved FMLA or disability leave that lasts through the entire training period. These employees will be required to complete an alternative ethics training process upon their return. If you are unsure whether you are required to participate this year, contact the Ethics Training Administrator at 815-753-6039 or via email at EthicsTraining@niu.edu.

Ethics Training Schedule

  • Ethics training begins 8:00 a.m. on October 16, 2012. It is recommended that employees complete this training as early as possible because employees have experienced complications logging on. The deadline for completing this training is 5:00 p.m. on November 14, 2012. There will be no extensions available.
  • The Internet site is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, during this period except for occasional system maintenance activities.
  • Information and assistance will be available from Human Resource Services, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 815-753-6039 or 815-753-6000.
  • Any employees who have not completed this training requirement by the deadline must be reported to the State and will also receive notifications from the university. Those who do not comply with the requirements of the SOEEA by completing this training are subject to the possibility of substantial fines and disciplinary action as determined by the State of Illinois.
  • Many departments require their employees to complete Ethics Training by an earlier deadline. Employees are encouraged to check with their department for any other specific procedures.

Ethics Training Internet Access

Employees should access the State of Illinois Universities Ethics Training website at http://www.workplaceanswers.com/uillinois from their computer at work (or a computer work station made available by their department) during normally scheduled work hours to complete the training. As necessary, employees should coordinate training times with their supervisor in order to balance departmental operations and schedules. Supervisors are responsible for assuring their employees fulfill this training requirement. Employees may also complete the training any time during the 30-day period from any computer that has Internet capability. Employees who choose to complete the Ethics Training outside of normal work time will not be compensated or granted overtime pay for that time.

Employees without normal access to computers should confer with their supervisor about workstation availability. Certain departments, lacking computer access, will be directed to designated computer labs for open lab sessions to complete the training. Contact Human Resource Services (753-6039 or 753-6000) for information on lab resources. Employees are also welcome to utilize the computers available in the HR Service Center located in Swen Parson Room 110. Student workers should be given time and workstation access to complete the training during their normal work schedule. Student workers can also access the training at any campus student computer lab.

User Identification for Ethics Training

Each employee will log on to the State Universities Internet Ethics Training site using the following formula involving name and the month/day of birth for their User ID: The year of birth is not included in the formula. No spaces, punctuation, hyphens or other symbols (some individuals whose names include such items as Jr, Sr, I, II, III, or have hyphenated or long names may have difficulties with this login formula). If you have trouble with the login process, contact EthicsTraining@niu.edu, or call 815-753-6039.

Example: John L. Smith, birthday is June 5 of any given year

User ID: johnlsmith0605
Password: ethics#123

(After entering this default password, you must create a new personal password with at least six characters that include at least one number). The password is case sensitive.

Select a password that is easy to remember. You will be required to use this password if you do not complete the training and need to return to the site, or if you need to return and print a certificate. You should print a copy of the completion certificate for your records. You will not need to remember this password for next year’s training. Do not use your Novell or student Z-ID.

Ethics Training Content

The training program presents information for employees to read, along with review questions and interactive activities to assist with understanding the material. Employees can go back and review material as necessary. The training module contains informational material, scenarios, and questions within the text. If an interruption occurs during the training, the “Bookmark” function should be utilized to mark the place before logging out and returning to the site to complete the training. Please note: The employee-created password will be required to re-enter the site.

Upon successful completion of the training, a certificate of completion should be printed. Employees should print this certificate and retain a copy for their records. Many departments may also require their staff to provide a copy of their certificate. All employees who complete the training program will be recorded in a State database. The university will receive reports identifying employees who have completed the training.

Ethics Training Assistance

  • The designatedEthics Training Administrator is Deborah Haliczer. She, or her assistant, Karen Smith, may be contacted at 815-753-6039.
  • Many departments have their own technical support staff. Follow the procedures established in your own department for help with technical questions, or contact the ITS Help Desk at 815-753-8100 for 24 hour assistance.
  • For information on the dates, times, resources, and to locate open computer labs, contact Human Resource Services at 753-6039 or 753-6000 or email EthicsTraining@niu.edu.
  • For assistance with language, accommodation of disabilities, or any other individual questions or difficulties, contact the Ethics Training Administrator at 753-6039.
  • For questions about collective bargaining agreements, contact Jesse Perez, Rhonda Wybourn, or Karen Baker at Human Resource Services at 753-6000.
  • For questions on the Ethics Act contact NIU Ethics Officer: Steven D. Cunningham at NIUEthicsOfficer@niu.edu or 815-753-6021.

We appreciate the cooperation of all employees in completing this mandatory training during the period October 16 through November 14, 2012.

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