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Coping Series

Coping is the ability to manage situations.  Sometimes these situations are slightly challenging and sometimes the event overwhelms your ability to weather this storm.  Perhaps you have endured this situation for a while and you are just too tired to continue to maintain your balance.  Or maybe an old belief or the way you handled these situations, is just not working for you.   When the event is life changing, you are thrown so far off balance and so overwhelmed that your coping with the situation does not seem possible.

Purpose of the Coping Series is to provide tips and information that may assist you as you struggle to find some balance in your life.  The tips are guides to support you as you begin to find a way and to cope with this unwanted and very difficult situation.   The information is to let you know that you are not alone and discover how others have coped

The Coping Series is not intended to suggest that you can cope with your challenges by just reading the information and trying some of the tips.  Sometimes you need personal coaching to assist you to recover your coping skills and to learn new ones. Sometimes the event is so overwhelming that counseling will be most effective.

If you have any question or need to explore what you need to deal with very challenging situation, contact the Employee Assistance Program at 815-753-9191. 


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