Graduate Assistants are essential to the department. There are certain expectations that are required of all assistants and these are provided for you below. There may be additional departmental expectations based on your supervisor and department operations. It is important that you ask about these expectations.

  • Graduate Assistants are expected to balance their university requirements (class schedules and extra-curricular activities) with their employment obligations. Students cannot work during scheduled class or exam periods.
  • Graduate Assistants are expected to work the required number of hours per week. Working more or less than the hours specified in the appointment should not occur.
  • Graduate Assistants are expected to adhere to the schedule they developed with their supervisor and to be on time for that schedule. If the student is going to be late or absent, they should contact the supervisor immediately.
  • Accurate tracking of hours worked should be kept.
  • Follow all policies and procedures of the University and department.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of employment. In your position, you may have access to confidential or sensitive information that should not be shared.
  • Good communication with your supervisor about goals and challenges.
  • From your supervisor, you can expect:
    • A work environment that is positive and friendly.
    • Clear job description, expectations, and feedback regarding your position. The feedback should provide suggestions for growth, areas of improvement, and positive feedback for good work.
    • Assistance and information when needed.