Types of Opportunities

The university offers three types of employment opportunities for Graduate Assistants:

  • Teaching Assistants: Teaching Assistants aid in the instructional functions of the university. Their duties may include but are not limited to providing direct instruction in classroom, laboratory, and discussion sections, or in studio settings; tutoring students; mentoring engaged learning experiences for students; grading tests and assignments; developing instructional materials; accompanying or coaching artistic performances; and proctoring examinations.
  • Research Assistants: Research assistants apply research concepts, practices, or methods of scholarship by conducting experiments, analyzing data, presenting findings, collaborating with others in preparing publications, or conducting institutional research for an academic or administrative unit.
  • Staff Assistants: Staff Assistants assist in roles other than teaching or research. Duties of a staff assistant may include but are not limited to serving as a resident adviser, counselor, academic adviser, office support, or library assistant. Students employed in a Staff Assistantship should review the tuition waiver section of this website.

The designation of the type of appointment is determined by the job description submitted by the hiring department and the review by Human Resource Services and the Dean of the Graduate School.