Tuition Waivers Fall / Spring Semesters

Under the Board of Trustee Regulations eligible employees are provided with a maximum tuition waiver benefit for the Fall and/or Spring semesters:

8 hours - Retirees and Full-Time Employees

6 hours - 3/4-Time Employees

4 hours - 1/2-Time Employees


  1. Enrollments in excess of the maximum benefit will require the employee to make up the difference between tuition charged and tuition waived.  If you are an employee taking more classes than the applicable maximum, appropriate supervisor signatures are also required.  Supervisor signatures are also required for all Civil Service employees taking classes during scheduled work time and all Faculty/Supportive Professional Staff.
  2. Applicant must be employed for a full-time equivalency of 50% or more.
  3. Regardless of the status of the employee (part-time, full-time, regular, or temporary), if the employee has a rank of Assistant Professor or above, the individual may not pursue a graduate degree or the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in their teaching field at this institution during their appointment.  All other academic staff are eligible to pursue degrees or the CAS at this institution.

Note: Tuition and fees waived for law and graduate enrollment are subject to taxation in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.  Currently, tuition and fees waived beyond $5,250 are subject to taxation.

General Information

All employees are required to complete a tuition waiver application form to receive benefits. There are no tuition waiver benefits available for employee spouses or domestic partners.

Send completed waiver to:

Human Resource Service Center
1515 West Lincoln Highway
DeKalb, Illinois 60115

Questions regarding forms or procedures contact Joyce Pusateri at 815-753-0458.

Deadline for Submission

Submit the waiver as soon as possible, but no later than:

  • May 1 (Spring Semester)
  • November 1 (Fall Semester)