Civil Service

University staff positions are required to be employed in accordance with the rules of the State Universities Civil Service System (SUCSS), which include a comprehensive set of qualifications assessment, testing, and interviewing processes.  A wide variety of position classifications are utilized in this category. This includes, for example, food service positions, a variety of clerical positions, trades persons (electricians, police, carpenters and masons), managerial position, director positions, and others.

  • Application and Applicable Information
  • Civil Service Classifications used statewide - under the Classification Plan section.
  • Position Classification Review (Desk Audit)
  • Civil Service Salary Ranges
  • Civil Service Testing
  • Types of Job Opportunities
    • Continuous Testing
      • Applications are accepted on an open and continuous basis for many Civil Service classifications utilized at Northern Illinois University. Vacancies for these classifications may not be posted and/or advertised, therefore, only candidates who have successfully completed the appropriate examination and are active on the employment register may be considered when a vacancy in these classifications occurs. Applicants interested in discussing the continuous testing opportunities with an Employment Coordinator should submit the Employment Application through the applicant tracking site. Upon receipt of a complete application, the application will be reviewed and if necessary the applicants will be contacted to set up an appointment with an Employment Coordinator. For additional information, contact the HRS Service Center at 815-753-6000.
    • Job Openings
      • Civil Service employment opportunities are posted on the Human Resource Services website. Other job opportunities, including Faculty, Supportive Professional Staff, Graduate Assistantships, Student Employment, and Extra Help positions, can also be found by expanding the search filter.

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