Position Request Form (PRF)

A Position Request Form is used to make a change on a position or create a new position. The PRF can be found on the Human Resource Services’ website at (). The form will need to be saved on your computer and the macros enabled.

Filling out a PRF

  • Choose the appropriate action, new/refill/change/update. New would be used for creating a new position, for all else choose change/update.
  • The current date should be filled in.
  • Choose student as the business unit.
  • The effective date is the date the change should be made. The effective date on a PRF should always be the 1st or the 16th of a month.
  • Choose the appropriate Change Reason Code.
    • NEW – Create New Position - Used to create a brand new position.
    • NPP- New Position Pool - Used to create a new pool for funding.
    • POL – Position Pool Change - Used when changing a position from one pool to another.
    • FUN – Funding Change - Used to change the account the position is funded from when there is no position pool.
    • CTO – Change in Title Only - Used to change the job code on a position.
    • LOC- Location Change - Used to change the location of a position.
    • *More than one change reason can be listed if you are changing more than one thing on the position.
  • The position number can be found on your department’s current Position Funding Summary Report or Pool Funding Summary Report and should be indicated. If you are creating a new position you will leave the position number blank.
  • All student jobs are considered temporary, so the temporary block should be checked.
  • The position pool should be filled in if the department already has a student pool available and the position you are creating/changing will have the same funding as the existing pool.
  • The applicable job code must be indicated. To determine what the job classification should be for the position you are creating refer to the Determining Job Classification section of this manual.
  • The FTE (Full-Time Equivalency) block should be indicated as 50%. All student positions are considered to have a 50% FTE, even if excess hours have been approved for the student.
  • The position title should be listed and correspond directly to the job classification (Clerical, Negotiated Rates, etc).
  • The department and location should be chosen from the drop down menus.
  • The funding distribution section should be filled in if:
    • A new position pool is being created.
    • The position will be funded by a specific account number instead of being funded through a pool.