Military Leaves of Absence - Response to Military Operations Concerning

Date: June 04, 2010


Employees who are members of military reserve or National Guard units may receive orders for active duty as part of the Presidential activation for service. Governor Blagojevich recently issued Executive Order 2003-6, which provides that activated employees will continue to receive state compensation to offset the difference between their military base pay and normal state pay. During a military leave of absence an employee's service, seniority, any scheduled salary increase, vacation, and sick leave credits will continue to accrue at the normal rate. Employees in probationary or trainee status will retain the balance of time remaining in these appointments upon return from active military duty.


To process a Military Leave of Absence, a Request for Leave of Absence form should be completed. These forms are available from the Human Resource Services – Service Center (753-6000). The form should include a statement in the remarks section indicating that the leave is due to activation for service related to military operations concerning U.S. relations with Iraq. Because of the variance in how military orders may be written, and to confirm the proper determination of base military pay, Human Resource Services may verify an individual’s mobilization orders by contacting the State of Illinois Department of Military Affairs. Military orders are retained in the personnel file of the employee.

Employees on military leave of absence are entitled to continue group insurance benefits including the health, dental, vision, and life insurance from the State of Illinois for the duration of the active service However, employees must continue to pay their salary-based contribution. Other options that are available concerning insurance benefits must be discussed with the Insurance and Benefits office by contacting the HRS Service Center (753-6000).