An Employee Assistance Professional is available during work, at noon or after work to talk with you regarding any difficulty that is interfering with your ability to concentrate at work.  For any questions, contact the Employee Assistance Program at 815-753-9191.

Personal Problem Consultation, Coaching, and Referral for Counseling

  • If your personal difficulty requires brief counseling and you need coaching regarding learning how to cope with your situation, the EAP Professional may provide personal problem coaching to assist you in learning new ways of responding to your situation.

  • After a consultation regarding your situation, the NIU EAP Professional may recommend counseling with a community provider.  Many of the community counselors have a web address so you can learn more about them.  A referral to a community counselor approved by your insurance provider means you will be accessing your insurance benefits and will pay a co-pay.  The EAP Professional may meet with you until you have had your first meeting with your preferred community counselor. When your counselor is not available an EAP professional may provide crisis support.

  • Counseling Program Overview

Self Assessment

  • A self-assessment may help you begin to acknowledge that you have a problem with alcohol/drugs, depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or anger management.
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Finding Your Own Counselor

  • To find your own counselor or to determine if the counselor you want to see is in your insurance provider's network, contact your insurance company directly by phone or on-line.  Many insurance companies have a provider's list for its members.

Accessing Your Mental Health and Substance Abuse Benefits

  • For maximum coverage of inpatient and many outpatient services, you must have pre-certification or a referral from your primary care physician (pcp). 

  • For a complete listing of the State of Illinois employee insurance companies with phone numbers and web addresses click on to see plan highlights and providers in your insurance network.

  • For the Quality Care Program (Cigna Health Insurance), Magellan Behavioral Health Managed Care is the carrier for mental health problems.  For a list of preferred counselors and treatment programs within 25 miles of your home, out of state or outside the U.S., click

Difficulty Finding a Counselor

Contact the Employee Assistance Program at 815-753-9191