Progress Report

Current and Near-term Tactics by Strategic Focus Area

People and Culture

Spring 2022

Board of Trustees approved the relocation of HRS from its current location to Neptune North. This relocation will allow HRS to be more centrally located and accessible to larger population of campus faculty and staff.

Civil Service Salary Study compares NIU pay rates with peer institutions and proposes recommended range and/or increment adjustment to improve employee retention.

New Remote Work Policy with guidelines release.

Summer 2022

Great Colleges/employee engagement survey will yield valuable feedback from all employees, producing data-driven action plans to improve staff retention on campus.

Fall 2022

HRS relocates to Neptune North to better serve campus community.

HR Continuous Improvement

Spring 2022

Time and Benefit Reporting Work Group – Automation of timesheets and benefit usage forms.

HR Liaison Pilot Program will improve HRS/campus partners to turbo-charge hiring and position review processes.

Summer 2022

Exploring new HR Information System/Enterprise Resource Planning with Software as a Service.

Fall 2022

A successful HR Liaison Pilot Program will enable HRS to provide strategic HR support to campus partners.

Professional Development and Training

Spring 2022

Campus-wide core partners team (ADEI/ECO/HRS) professional development series began March 2022.

Monthly campus-wide Supervisor Sessions series begins April 2022.

HR Metrics and Workforce Analytics

Spring 2022

Participation in the annual "Great Colleges to Work For" survey is expanded to all NIU employees because every voice counts. Results will be leveraged to create data-driven action plans and improve employee communications at all levels.

Gathering and review data on HRS processes and activities (what can we count).

Summer 2022

Developing metrics to measure success (effectiveness and efficiency) of HRS processes and activities.

HR Strategy and Operations Administration

Spring 2022

CHRO Hodson presented Core Values and Strategic Goals to HRS leadership and staff, NIU Senior Leadership and campus leadership. Metrics and progress to be tracked on HRS website.

Partnership with peer IL higher education institutions in developing SUCSS legislative reform.

New Director of Employee Experience position expands HRS employee relations support to campus.

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