Layoff and Notice of Nonrenewal

NIU is committed to creating a healthy and supportive environment for employees and to administering all policies fairly and equitably. The university strives to minimize layoffs by considering them only after other solutions have been reviewed. We adhere to the following policies and procedures:

Here are some actions you can take if you face losing your job:

Disclaimer: The information contained in the Life Events section is a summary and may not include all conditions, limitations, or exceptions that may be applicable to a particular situation. Every effort has been made to present current information without inaccuracies; however, errors, additions, deletions, and changes in the laws or procedures may occur and could make the information out of date or inaccurate. Therefore, users of this website are advised of their responsibility to contact the HRS Service Center (815-753-6000) directly for specific information relating to benefits and to confirm the accuracy and completeness of the posted information.

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