Request a Reasonable Accommodation

An Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) reasonable accommodation is a modification or adjustment to a job, the work environment or the hiring process for a qualified individual with a disability. An accommodation is reasonable so long as it does not pose an undue hardship for the employer in terms of significant difficulty or expense to implement.

NIU strives to engage those who request a reasonable accommodation in an interactive process to support increased work performance, equitable application processes and positive visits to campus. Read the NIU policy on employment and accommodations under the ADA.

Request a Reasonable Accommodation

Student Accommodations

Please contact the Disability Resource Center for more information.

Types of Accommodations

The reasonable accommodations available to NIU employees, applicants and visitors include but are not limited to: 

  • Equipment or devices
  • Readers or interpreters
  • Extended timeframes for employment testing
  • Work or schedule modifications
  • Job restructuring
  • Training

Please note: If you're an employee or applicant, you can request reasonable accommodations regardless of your employment classification or status (permanent, extra help, etc.).

Accommodation Request Procedure

  1. Submit a request for a reasonable accommodation. Feel free to contact us at or 815-753-2324 if you would like to discuss specific situations before submitting a request.
  2. Provide supporting medical documentation upon request. It should be signed by a licensed treatment professional and include:
    • A description of the nature of the impairment, including the severity and duration
    • Specific activities that the impairment limits
    • The type of accommodation that may be needed to carry out required duties of the position
  3. Engage in an interactive communication process with us. We'll contact you to discuss your needs, responsibilities and possible accommodations that will enable you to perform the essential functions of your job, engage in an equitable hiring process or make a visit to our campus.
  4. An accommodation implementation form will be developed if the request is approved. This signed form will signify official approval of the accommodation request.
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