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Policy Questions

What is remote work?

Remote work is a voluntary work arrangement that enables an employee to work off-site for all or part of the workweek on a regular basis.

Is remote work covered as a reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?

Remote work is not a university-wide program available to all employees, and it does not change the standard policies, terms and conditions of employment with NIU or the obligation to comply with federal, state and municipal laws that apply to employees at NIU. Remote work is separate from processes such as requesting sick leave, FMLA or ADA accommodations. HRS is available to help NIU employees understand and navigate options based on their individual circumstances.

How does a department prioritize customer service?

Remote work arrangements should consider the guiding principles outlined in the Remote Work Policy. Each department must ensure that all areas are covered prior to approving remote work. Generally, remote working arrangements are developed with the understanding that there may be instances when a remote working employee will need to come to campus for specific events or activities.

Remote Work Arrangements

What if my supervisor denies my request?
The immediate supervisor is responsible for the decision to implement or discontinue any remote work arrangement. However, when differences of opinion or interpretation occur between an employee and their immediate supervisor, next-level supervision will be called upon to review and make a final determination.

Equipment and Remote Work Costs

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